Weigh Safe Universal Tow Ball


Weigh Safe In Just 3 Minutes…

Check out these short videos to see how Weigh Safe protects you and other road users.

Do you know your ball weight?

Ball weight is the static force the trailer tongue exerts on the hitch or tow ball. Incorrect ball weight can impact the handling of both your vehicle and your trailer.

Don’t let this happen to you! Invest in a Weigh Safe today!


Affordable safety and performance

Priced from only $399, the Weigh Safe Tow ball effectively measures the ball weight of your towing load, improving your vehicle’s tow load balance and performance.

Key Features

  • Rust proof – no corrosion.

  • Built-in weight scale for ball weight.

  • Easy DIY install and calibration.

  • Solid construction - not hollow.

Why ball weight matters …