Utowpia’s place in Australia’s story of quality manufacturing

Modern Australian manufacturing has a long and varied history. Throughout all, and right through to today as globalisation and other factors have forced Australian manufacturing to adapt and become leaner to keep up, a common thread has been the emphasis on quality.

During the rises, falls and rebirths in Australian manufacturing history, Australians have always taken pride in and valued products that work, stand the test of time and become an integral part of Australian lifestyles.

When you think of Victa mowers or Aerogard flyspray, both brands spring to mind as reliable, Australian-made and with a proud history of performance. Victa is still manufacturing in New South Wales while Aerogard has its origins as a CSIRO formula (and used by the Queen on an official visit to Canberra in 1963). Both products are staples of the Australian lifestyle and fondly regarded as iconic brands.

While times have changed since the Queen attended that mosquito-ridden garden party in Canberra, let alone when the first Victa roared into life almost 70 years ago, reliability of performance remains a key factor for Australians when making purchasing decisions.

At Holroyd Utowpia we are huge advocates for Australian manufacturing. Our axles are manufactured for reliability in Australia’s challenging, unique conditions. Our country has built-up, heavily populated coastal areas, undulating and flat regions, and rugged, four-wheel-drive-only spaces. We have snow-peaked mountains just hours from the red dust of the Outback. In a land of such contrasts, driving conditions are constantly changing so drivers need a towing product to rely on.

Whether it’s towing a big rig or recreational holiday caravan, Holroyd products can always be relied upon for safety and reliability of performance. Locally tested to ensure they’re up to the challenge of Australian conditions, all our axles are manufactured from quality Australian steel.

Constantly, trailer manufacturers have a pile of rejected axles that either aren’t perfectly round or if square, aren’t perfectly straight. Stories of snapped imported axles are plentiful!

Our manufacturing process involves the careful selection of Australian steel from reputable suppliers and then processing the exact axles profile our customers require. Regular calibration to check the exactness of our machining is undertaken including batch sampling.

All components that are utilised in the manufacturing process have been designed and manufactured to our exact expectations. In fact, we regularly have competitors who request our services to re-machine their products to meet industry and ADR requirements. Through the welding and assembly stages, multiple engineering checks are conducted to ensure that we are able to quality as “Holroyd ready”.  

We stand by our Australian steel manufactured products, and any trailer manufacturer demanding only Holroyd has never let their customers down. 

With companies like ours still committed to local manufacturing and making quality products that will stand the test of time, we believe the future is still bright for Australian manufacturing.