Introducing Holroyd Utowpia: a strong past with an exciting future

Welcome to Holroyd Utowpia. We’re on a mission to bring Australians the best offering in axles, trailer products and accessories, with excellence of service matching the high quality products we make and sell.

We believe that locally made products best suit the Australian way of life, with its love affair of the great outdoors. Caravans, horse floats, boat trailers and everything else related to towing are a very common sight on our roads.

If you take the time to think about it, you realise that the importance of reliability and performance in towing products can’t be underestimated. Everyday industry and commercial enterprise could not continue across Australia without reliable towing products and accessories to ensure safe transit across this huge, diverse country of ours.

Owner and CEO David Bayliss says, “I was inspired to establish Utowpia as I strongly identified with the solid values and commitment to Australian manufacturing that existed in the original Holroyd business.”

Having identified the potential of the Holroyd offering, David wants to continue to build on the successes of the past and innovate further into the future.

David is a familiar name in Australian manufacturing and brings an entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to innovation, having been CEO of power supply manufacturer Setec.

Setec won the 2015 Telstra Business Awards - Medium Business category, in recognition for its almost 50 years of designing and manufacturing power solutions. In 2014, under David’s leadership, Setec launched BM Pro, an innovative battery management range designed to assist recreational vehicle travellers manage their battery power via Bluetooth technology.

When it comes to towing, safety is of utmost importance, and that’s why Utowpia products are manufactured to do what we say they will do. Quality products and strong attention to detail are among our core values, as well as excellence in the way we communicate with and service our valued customers.

With David at the helm, we are looking to continue our commitment to Australian manufacturing and offering a product that’s second to none. Having confidence and belief in our products will flow from staff right through to the end user.

As head of Setec and now at Utowpia, David has made clear his commitment to Australian manufacturing and engineering by supporting staff on a local level.

As David points out, a dedicated workforce is always key to a company’s forward thinking. By ensuring that mindset carries through the entire organisation, success will come.

Bringing decades of expertise from Holroyd ‘in tow’, we’re looking forward to the next stage of Holroyd Utowpia.

You can rest assured that our commitment to Australian manufacturing values, knowledge of our product and industry, and excellence in customer service will follow.

As we say, if you tow it, we know it.