NSK Bearings - industry leading and built to last!

Holroyd Utowpia is a proud partner of NSK. We believe NSK's bearing products achieve the longest mileage and the least wear and tear for your trailers. NSK bearings are well-sealed and durable against water and mud, and designed for high-rotation conditions.

It's no accident Holroyd Utowpia has long-standing relationships with its many clients. Customers trust Holroyd Utowpia to supply axle and trailer parts that are of the highest quality time and time again. When an order is loaded onto our truck for delivery, we know that every trailer part has been performance tested to withstand any on-road and off-road terrain - rain, hail or shine.

That's why we choose NSK Bearings.

From 1st January 2018, NSK will be standard on all hubs!