Since the 1930s, Holroyd Utowpia has delivered high quality, reputable products in the automotive and trailer manufacturing market. It is a range sought by those who demand superior merchandise and recognise that good products should stand the test of time.

The original cornerstones of the business: quality engineering, Australian steel and unsurpassable service backed by a team with decades of industry knowledge and experience, remain the same principles guiding the new owners.

We are dedicating a new vigour and intensity into the new-look business, now called Holroyd Utowpia, to ensure that we service customers with even higher levels of personal representation, a wider range of globally sourced products all overlaid with a focus on new efficiencies in our Australian manufacturing.

We always appreciate our customers’ loyal support and look forward to sharing our vision with you as we enter the ninth decade of the Holroyd journey with a new look to begin the next chapter in our story.